Job rules in South Africa

South Africa is a huge country in terms if economics. South Africa is rich in mineral, agricultural and tourism resources. There are so many American companies that are working in South Africa to get benefited from the resources of South Africa.

Employment contracts
According to the law of South Africa, job contract should be in written form in local language and then should be translated in English for overseas workers to get better understanding. Job contract should contain following information:

  • Full name of worker and employer
  • Profession of worker and nature of job
  • Locations of job
  • Employment date
  • Allowed work hours daily and weekly
  • Details of salary and compensations
  • Overtime work pay details
  • Any other kind of payment within job
  • Occurrence of salary
  • Details of deductions in salary
  • Details of allowance of leave

Regulation of working time
Like all other countries, South Africa has also some laws regarding working hours. These rules and regulations may vary from worker to worker. Workers who are in sales department and do travel very often have different limits of hours.  Normally 45 hours per week is limit for workers to work. Similarly 9 hours a day is allowed to do work. Over time is also allowed if anyone wants to do but hours are foxed for overtime also.

Termination of Employment
According to the job rules of South Africa you cannot for a person on your will. If you hire a person for job then there must be a valid reason to fire hi/her from job. The reason for which you are firing your worker should be accepted by the statute or case law of South Africa.

You need to follow the legal process if you want to fire any person from work. There is a proper dismissal process. If you do not follow the legal process set by government of South Africa even if you have valid reason to fire that worker, may lead you to the court. Court may also ask you to reinstate the worker.

All the formalities and firing reasons and procedure should be in written form for legal process to take place. You need to send that letter on employer’s home address to bring his/her attention to that case. It will also help to construct a meeting between employer and employee.  Dismissal letter should also be in local language. It can be translated In English for overseas workers for better understanding.