Job rules in Qatar

Qatar is a small country but according to the commercial terms, it’s a rising country. Workers in Qatar should be aware of Qatari labor rules, regulations and restrictions. Every overseas worker should know that they cannot leave Qatar without permission of their employer. For this purpose they need an exit permit.

Qatari employers who are running any business and want to hire the workers from overseas must get permission from Qatari government. According to the labor law of Qatar, they offer high propriety to Qatari people.

Employment Contract
Employer would issue a job contract letter to every worker that should include all necessary details such as employer and worker name, address, salary details, job ending benefits etc. Before signing nay job contract, worker should see if the agreement is translated into English or not. Read carefully the rules, limitations and whole contract. Sign the job contract after understanding it in detail. The job contract should be attested by the concerned department. Must make copies of agreement and distribute it among worker, employer and official record. A work contract should include the name, address, nationality, ID, profession, designation, working hours, job benefits, labor rights etc to ensure the security of job to the worker.

Working hours
According to the Qatari labor law, One can do work for maximum 8 hours per day or 40 hours a week. Hour limit can be exceeded under special situations and conditions. For this purpose, worker gets 25% increase on the basic pay. Worker can also do overtime on same basis but rate of overtime is 50% above the basic salary. Maximum hours of overtime are 120 per year and they should not be exceeded otherwise government will take action against worker.  If any worker does overtime 120 hours per year then his/her pay reaches up to 70% that is much attractive pay offer for anyone. But always follow the rules and restrictions given by the government.