Job rules in Oman

Payment of Wage & Overtime
According to the job rules in Oman, many different amendments are made to facilitate the workers. Now allowance such as housing allowance, transport, travel is added in the gross salary of worker. These allowances were not added before in the gross salary of workers. It’s a good change for all workers working in Oman.

According to the new rules of Royal government, company is bound to pay the salary of workers within a week of the date when salary is due. Salary should be paid in the local bank account of the worker. If the worker wants the employee wants the employer to transfer his pay in international ban then the above rule in not applied.

Working hours
Omani government has introduced a new rule of working for only five days a week. Additionally the working hours per week has been condensed from 48 hours to 45 hours weekly. In the month of Ramadan, the working hours are 40 hours per week. Normally, 9 hours per day is maximum time limit for doing work.

Maternity Leave
In past, maternity leave was granted for 4 days with pay but according to the new Royal law, maternity leave has been extended to the 50 days with pay. Pay during maternity leave is on the basis of gross salary

Annual Leave
According to the old laws on Oman, every worker was able to apply for 15 days paid leave per year. But now according to the new royal law, worker can have 30 days paid leave per year. Pay during these leaves is given on the basis of gross salary.

Emergency Leave
Emergence leave can be applied for 4 to 6 days per year but in the past workers were allowed to apply for only 2 days per year for any kind of emergency. Now the new ministerial rules will define the nature of emergency to het emergency paid leaves.

Awards for Unfair Dismissal
A new rule is introduced that is removal of unfair dismissal and awarding the compensation award. If any worker is fired from job without any valid reason then he/she may go to court for the investigation of unfair dismissal. If the dismissal is really unfair then the court awards the worker by awarding maximum compensation.
Compensation may be equal to 3 gross salaries. So dismissal process should not be biased.