Job rules in Greece

There are some distinguishing features in Greek labor law. Greek government is so much concerned about the economics of Greece. They organize their economic plans keeping in view the interest and benefits of Greek people. They say there are no harms of these plans for Greek government. Strikes & Arbitration

Greek government gives proper rights to organize unions and legal strikes. To deal with the rising problems within labors, Greek government maintains a mediation and arbitration organization. The theme of 11 members is selected. 6 out of these 11 are chosen by the employers and workers. Chairman of this organization is choosing by the other 10. In this way decisions are made neutrally.

According to the Greek labor law, One can do work for maximum 8 hours per day or 40 hours a week. Hour limit can be exceeded under special situations and conditions. For this purpose, worker gets 25% increase on the basic pay. Worker can also do overtime on same basis but rate of overtime is 50% above the basic salary. Maximum hours of overtime are 120 per year and they should not be exceeded otherwise government will take action against worker.  If any worker does overtime 120 hours per year then his/her pay reaches up to 70% that is much attractive pay offer for anyone. But always follow the rules and restrictions given by the government.

Leave Workers who are working for 5 days per week can apply for 20 to 22 days paid leave per year. Workers who do work for 6 days in week can apply for 24 to 26 days paid leave per year. But if someone has 12 years experience of service within a company can apply for 25 paid leaves per year and those who are working from 12 years and work 6 days a week can apply for 30 days paid leave per year.

There is not certified salary limit set by the government. The pays are offered according to the sectors, companies, job positions and on seniority basis.

Termination letter should be in written form in Greek language and should be issued to worker at his/her home address. There should be a valid reason for termination on any worker. You cannot fire any worker on your will. Full salary should be paid until the notice is given. Termination process should be legal.