Job rules in France

Every country has its own rules for job. These rules are implemented to bring positive changes and results within a company. France has also set some rules for employers and employees. It is very essential in Germany to issue a job contract letter to employers of any company. Whole staff should have job contract letter no matters what post employee is having. If employee does not get any contract letter then the worker is not on work legally and will get all the benefits that are provided by the government of France.

The job contract letter should be in Italian language no matter the employee or employer understands Italian or not. Both can also have an English translated version of contract to read it and understand it thoroughly but for the legal formalities and court, official contract letter should be in Italian language. Job contract letter in Italian language will be the authentic letter for authorities.

If someone is doing job on contract basis for a short period of time then there are some strict rules for that person otherwise rules for nationality holders are somewhat relaxed. For example if someone is going on maternity leave or for some other reason, he/she may offer a worker replacement for some period of time. Agreements that are for limited time of period may not get renewal over one time.

According to the job rules of France you cannot for a person on your will. If you hire a person for job then there must be a valid reason to fire hi/her from job. The reason for which you are firing your worker should be accepted by the statute or case law of France.

You need to follow the legal process if you want to fire any person from work. There is a proper dismissal process. If you do not follow the legal process set by government of France even if you have valid reason to fire that worker, may lead you to the court. Court may also ask you to reinstate the worker. All the formalities and firing reasons and procedure should be in written form for legal process to take place. You need to send that letter on employer’s home address to bring his/her attention to that case. It will also help to construct a meeting between employer and employee.  Dismissal letter should also be in Italian language.