Job rules in Belgium

Another transform continues to be handed down with respect to overtime. The existing Royal Decree features given the absolute maximum 12 hours of work per day. No one is allowed to work overtime more than 3 hours a day.

Annual Leave
Based on the current Omani Job Regulation, each member of staff is allowed to have 15 days annual leave in the first year of work. This entitlement has now also been improved for you to 30 days per annum and is payable on such basis as the actual gross salary.

Emergency Leave
Unexpected emergency leave is currently improved by 4 days and nights to 6 days and nights per annum. Historically in earlier times, unexpected emergency leave was fixed to two days. This concept continues to be removed currently. A new used Ministerial Determination is envisioned rapidly to modify about how unexpected emergency leave may be considered.

Exchange associated with Staff members
Using the implementation with the new Royal Decree 113/2011, any used provision to Art. Forty eight of the OLL with regards to the purchase rent or like of a business is added. In which a move of a worker commitment on the project by service provider towards some other, plus the function to be completed remains the identical, then the worker will be transferred to the other employer on same terms and conditions

The contract can be terminated in various ways:

  • After the expiration of fixed or temporary contract.
  • A notice issued by employer
  • Job termination with the mutual agreement of employer and employee
  • Setting aside the job contract issued by court.
  • In case of death of employee


If a worker is working in a private company, then the holidays will be according to the working days. If the worker worked whole year then he/she may apply for 30 days leave and five days per week. In the government sector, the work period depends on the age of worker. If the worker is up to 45 years then he/she is entitled for 26 days leave. If worker is nearly 50 years old then can apply for 27 days but if the worker is more than 60 years of age then he/she may have 1 day extra leave per year.