Job laws in Italy

Unemployment in Italy is raised in some areas of Italy according to the state department of U.S.  In north areas of Italy, employment rate is low whereas it’s higher in southern areas. Hike of employment in southern areas of Italy is most likely because of unorganized work rules, organized crime, corruption within economy and benefits etc.

Contract of Employment
Mostly work contracts are seasonal and for time being but if any worker is still working after the finish fate of work contract then the employer need to pay 20% additional salary after the end of contract date and 40% for next twenty days, in this way the contract will become imprecise.

Worker can also get leave during the work contract in case of serious emergency such as maternity period, accident, accidental death etc. the worker will still get government insurance benefits in these cases, but if worker is getting suspended due to any valid reason given by employer then worker is not eligible to get insurance or other benefits from government. Dissimilar process of any worker should be legal. Employer need to follow all legal procedure to fire any worker otherwise employer will be charged from court. Issued dismissal letter should be in local language for legal formalities.

Hours of Work
Any worker is allowed to work for 8 hours per day according to the rules of Italy. No one is allowed to work more than 8 hours a day. A worker who works more than 0 hours per week can do overtime. Overtime pay must be 10% higher than the normal salary. Part time job hours are also defined in the job contract.

Paid Leave
There are two weekly holidays. On national holidays, worker gets paid also. Workers get double pay or some extra pay on national holidays from the company. There are also some kinds of paid holidays such as maternity leave, leave due to accident etc.  Every company gives 8 days paid leave per year. Most companies offer 21 days paid leave annually. Females get months before birth and 4 months after birth leave that is paid also.  Male gets paid leave after birth in case his wife is seriously ill after birth.  Paid maternity leave can also be extended in serious condition according to the statement of doctor. After adoption process both parents gets paid leave for some period of time. Works that are studying also gets off from job during their exams.