House jobs in Oman

Oman being oil commodities ad other natural resource exporter earns handsome capital and due to this reason it expenditure in public are also high. The citizen of Oman are economically stable and living a luxurious lives, enjoying all modern facilities in this part of the world. Omani and other foreigners within Oman are so busy in their daily lives and they can easily afford house maids or house jobs servants. They appoint house jobs servant for various house jobs like cleaning, washing clothes, cooking, taking care of babies or care of patient full time or part time.

The citizen of this country mostly prefers to hire foreign house maids or those which understand their language. These house maids jobs are financially good because the employer pay a satisfactory package along other facilities. A full time house maid gets accommodation, foods and other basic facilities along with salary package. Mostly these house jobs in Oman are advertised in daily news papers while there are many jobs providing online websites that announced these all vacancies. House maid’s vacancies are for both genders, but mostly families hire female house maids.House jobs in Oman are common and these jobs pay more to workers as compare to other jobs.House jobs in Oman are fluently available online or through publishing medium and mostly both employer and house maid talk to each other and mutually adjust their terms and conditions.

How to apply Oman house jobs

Oman house jobs are usually explore in daily news papers and online websites. These house maids or house jobs are advertised in news papers specifically in local news papers and these advertisements usually provide contact number of employer. In this way an employee or house job candidate can easily contact the employer and negotiate all term and condition about house jobs including salary package. Similarly there are various recruiting agencies within country and outside the country. These agencies advertise all available house maids job on the behalf of employers and conducts tests and interviews. These agencies provide right type of house job workers and get its commission from the employers. Normally the employer demands application along other documents. Similarly the applicant also apply online through a given application layout. However, the house maids or house job workers most of the time made conversation between employer and employee, set all matters of job smoothly.House jobs in Oman are available in both situations like full time and part time. In case of full time the house job workers are accommodated by family.

Documents required for Oman house jobs

House jobs normally do not demands any special education or qualification except kids caring and patient caring where house maids must have diploma in kids caring or nursing certification in nursing. House job requires experience, foreign language ability just as English or Arabic. Usually house job requires basic schooling qualification for doing house jobs easily, but there are some basic requirements which must be fulfilled from all house job applicants.

  1. Valid job offer letter for house job from the employer from Oman.
  2. Applicable and valid passport of applicant.
  3. Curriculum vitae of house maid worker providing basic information about applicant.
  4. Proof of identity or nationality of applicant.
  5. Fresh color passport sized photographs.
  6. Attested copies of all testimonials like degree, certificate or diploma.
  7. Experience or NOC form ex-employer.