Hotel jobs in Oman

Oman is located in Gulf region and it is enlisted in countries which exports natural resources like oils, gas and other raw materials. Oman is progressing with speedy way and it is changing its structure and texture, similarly this country also changing its traditional hospitality, new modern hotels are establishing. Whole country has a chain of hotels and restaurants those accommodate all visits and guests from all over the world. The influx of visitors and guests in this country is huge and they require hotels and restaurants for luxury or modern stay.

Oman hotels and restaurants provide all modern and cultural hospitality in this part of the world. Usually Oman hotel announced or require chef, host, kitchen assistant, kitchen helper, kitchen staff, porter, attendant, housekeeper, receptionist, accountant and many more. All these hotels vacancies are published in news papers and online through web sites. Leading hotels also provide an opportunity to applicant that they apply online through provided application format. Sometime hotel jobs are filled through registered or recognized recruiting agencies. Hotels job in Oman provide cool and calm working environment where they have growth opportunity.

How to apply Oman hotel jobs  

Hotels job are attractive in all countries because they have many advantages along with salary. Hotel jobs provide accommodation, foods and other rapid growing opportunity. Hotels job mostly advertised in news papers and online, both these platform can be used by the applicant for application submission. Online application requires soft copies of documents in the form of scan documents. However, if an applicant applies through postal service, then it requires attested copies in hard shape. In case of postal application applicant for hotel jobs submit all documents along experience certificates.

If the hotels management hires hotel jobs workers, then they visit different parts of the world for the best hotel staff. Most of the time, Oman hotels administration hires only experienced, skillful and qualified staff among available staff. The visitor delegation for hiring hotel staff takes tests and interviews of applicant gathered by the local recruiting agents. Native or local recruiting agents initially advertised or published vacant position for hotels on the behalf of Omani hotels managements and conducts tests and interviews under the supervision of Omani management.

Documents required for Oman hotel jobs  

In hotels there are some special or specific jobs those requires some sort of documents like certification or degree, but ordinary jobs do not need any documents. Hotel management jobs like HR manager must have a professional degree in relevant field. Similarly, hotel receptionist or kitchen staff should be equipped with their related diplomas or certificate. The common jobs in hotels like porter, security person, housekeeper, attendants, and room service do not need special qualification, but they must have basic education. There are some luxurious hotels that require hotel staff, which is equipped with related hotel certification or diplomas in hotel management. However, there are some common documents which are must be presented by all hotel job candidates.

  1. Job offer letter from hotel managements or HR manager.
    2. Valid passport of applicant which must have few blank pages.
    3. Curriculum vitae that provide basic information about applicant.
  2. Attested copies of all certificates, diplomas or experience letter.
  3. Recent passport sized color photographs.
    6. Medical fitness certificate from nominated hospital or clinic.
    7. Foreign language certificates if applicable.