Hotel jobs in Bahrain

Bahrain is located in that part of the world where it has huge natural resources just like oils and gas. Bahrain is now considered a new business hub in this region because of oil and gas exports. Millions of businessmen and trader visits this country for different consignment, deals and agreements. All traders and businessmen from all over world want to stay in a comfortable place and for that there are thousands of hotels and restaurants available. Bahrain hotels are outstanding in their services and facilities. All best hotels are equipped with modern features and capacities. These hotels in Bahrain accommodate thousands of visitors and traders, provide best relaxing environment. Bahrain hotels management always tries to appoint best employees in their hotels which facilitate guests, tourist and businessmen. Bahrain hotels and restaurants advertised their all vacant position in leading news papers and online through their own website or other web sites which provide jobs. Hotels in Bahrain usually hire kitchen staff like chief, waiters, housekeepers, room service attendants, receptionists, hotel managers etc. These entire hotel job have good package in the form of salary, accommodation, foods and other benefits.


How to apply Bahrain hotel jobs

Bahrain hotels job usually published in leading Arabic and English news papers, but they are also advertised in job providing web sites. Hotels also advertised these jobs in their own hotel web site. Hotels own web site also provide a facility through that an applicant can apply online with the help of given application format. This online is an easy way to submit application for hotel jobs, but it requires soft copies of all documents. The other way is to dispatch your application through ordinary mailing or reliable courier service. These two methods of application submission demands hard attested copies of documents. The third and most used method, which is used for hiring hotel staff from other countries of the world is appointment through local recruiting agents. These recruiting agencies advertise these vacant positions in local areas news papers and take tests and interviews under the supervision of hotels managements. After selecting most suitable candidate, they collect their pass ports for further process and inform them after stamping visa. Sometime hotels also contact the applicant through telephonic contact or e-mail contact and take an interview online.

Documents required for Bahrain hotel jobs
Bahrain hotel jobs usually demands professional qualification just as diploma in hotel management, diploma or certification in reception job, certificate in cooking or housekeeping. Hotels job normally hire those applicants, which have basic school certification or degree holders in any subjects, but they must have experience or relevant qualification. Different hotels job demands different types of qualification and skills. Most of the time skilled person or candidates are prefer. In this current age there are hundreds of diplomas and certifications are available in different segments of hotels. There are some common documents which are required from all applicants in all types of jobs.

  1. Valid job offer letter from Bahrain employer or hotel management
  2. Valid passport of applicant having few blank pages
  3. Attested copies of academic documents, certificates, diplomas etc.
  4. Experience letter or NOC from Ex-employer
  5. Health fitness certificate of applicant from his native country
  6.  Recent passport sized color photographs