Driving jobs in Bahrain

Bahrain is located in Gulf and it is also included in the list of oils producing and exporting country. Although it is behind the Saudi Arab and Kuwait, but still it earns huge revenue from this export that is why it economically sounds. This oil exports and other natural export make this country an icon in the Gulf region. There are numbers of oil refineries and oil shifting sites, which are connected through transportation. This country requires a large number of drivers from all over the world in different capacity. Bahrain demands house drivers, office, companies, and truck and buses drivers.

Driving jobs in Bahrain are very attractive because drivers earn more salary than other countries. All driver jobs in Bahrain are published in news papers or advertised in web sites which provide jobs in different fields. If someone requires personal driver, then he/she advertises it in news paper with limited information and just providing contact number or mailing address. Personal drivers get other benefits along salary just as accommodation arranged from employer, foods supply and some other attractions. Personal or family drivers usually accommodated by family and get many benefits along good salary package. Similarly office drivers or company drivers are depending upon office or company regarding accommodation and food.

How to apply Bahrain driving jobs

Bahrain driving jobs are attractive and available in large number. Mostly Bahrain driving jobs are advertised in leading and famous news papers. Normally the employer provides its contact numbers through those the employee can contact the employer. In this way these two easily discuss about job description, salary package, over time, accommodation and other facilities. Similarly drivers can apply online through given application format and it is a swift method of applying. The other common way of hiring drivers is through local recruiting companies. These recruiting companies inform the applicant about the vacancies and take tests and interviews under the observation of Bahrain delegation. There are some companies in Bahrain those demands a large number of drivers and for this they initially receive application from all over the world and then conduct tests. Bahrain driving jobs basically based on valid driving license from native country. It is also important that the driver must be mentally alert and make a decision within no time.

Documents required for Bahrain driving jobs

The most important and necessary document, which is required for this driving job is a valid driving license. There are no specific documents is required instead of basic education that is vital because in this the driver can understand the sign and caution on roadsides. The other necessary thing is that the driver must be in good health and the most important part of that health is his eyesight. However, there is such special documents are needed for this driving jobs. There are two types of driving license according to vehicles structure. Light and heavy vehicles license are required for these two types of transport. The followings are some common documents which are required from all applicants applying for driving job in Bahrain.
1. Valid job offer letter from the employer
2. Valid passport of applicant having few blank pages

  1. Driving license from native country
  2. Curriculum vitae that provides details about applicant
  3. Recent passport sized color photos
  4. Health fitness certificate of applicant
  5. Police clearance certificate from applicant country.